President Bush Funds Planned Parenthood with Over $2 Billion

Photo via Webshots

Photo via Webshots

President George W. Bush has always presented himself as a conservative “pro-lifer,” but has collectively allowed $2.2 billion dollars worth of funding for Planned Parenthood. According to Jim Sedlak, an expert on Planned Parenthood for the American Life League, Bush and his representatives “gave no legitimate excuse for not cutting off the money.” Sedlak and other ardent pro-lifers were hopeful that Bush would cease all funding for Planned Parenthood when he was elected, but that never came to be. In fact, Sedlak says, “Planned Parenthood has gotten more and more [federal] money every year – a slightly greater increase than under President Clinton.”


Poll Shows that Gay Men Prefer Prince Harry to Prince William

Photo via webshots

Photo via webshots

A new poll showed that single gay men would prefer to date Prince Harry over Prince William.  More than one third expressed an interest in a romance with Prince Harry, while Prince William only garnered 23 percent of the vote.  A third of the men said that they would not date either!                                                        

My Apologies

My apologies for not living up to the name of my own blog, “The Daily Page.”  The entries have been sporadic, at best, and certainly not “daily.”  I promise that I will stay on top of my blog and post something (i.e. ANYTHING) every day for you, my loyal fan base (all 2 of you!)

Google Unveils ‘Drunk E-mail’ Protector

Photo by Image Source/Getty Images

Photo by Image Source/Getty Images

Most of us are guilty of the occasional “drunk dial,” but now Google has introduced a way to prevent “drunk e-mails!”

The new feature is called Mail Goggles, and it is designed to prevent you from sending potentially embarrassing drunken e-mails by requiring you to answer math problems.  You can set the difficulty level for the math problems, but unfortunately, if a user gets the problem wrong, it will allow him or her to answer it multiple times in order to get it right.

You can read about one writer’s personal experience with Mail Goggles at

OMG! “The Hills” Rivals Made Up on Tuesday Night

Photo via webshots

Photo via webshots

According to a report from, “The Hills” stars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have finally reconciled after accidentally crossing paths at L.A. restaurant Stk on Tuesday night. Producers of the entertainment news show “Extra” are taking credit for finally bringing them back together, but I have to wonder if the producers of “The Hills” were really behind the reconciliation? The show is already so scripted as it is, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all orchestrated by them.

Metrolink Engineer was Texting 22 Seconds Before Crash

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Engineer sent texts before train crash

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A Metrolink engineer sent a cell phone text message 22 seconds before his commuter train crashed head-on into a freight train last month, killing 25 people, federal investigators said Wednesday.

Cell phone records of engineer Robert Sanchez, who was among the dead, show he sent a message after receiving one about a minute and 20 seconds before the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a press release.

Investigators are looking into why Sanchez ran through a red signal and collided with a Union Pacific train Sept. 12 in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. It was the nation’s deadliest rail crash since 1993.

Sanchez sent his last text message at 4:22:01 p.m. According to the freight train’s onboard recorder, the accident occurred at 4:22:23 p.m.

Records obtained from Sanchez’s cell phone provider also showed that he sent 24 text messages and received 21 messages over a two-hour period during his morning shift. During his afternoon shift, he received seven and sent five messages.

NTSB investigators were continuing to correlate times from Sanchez’s cell phone, the train recorders and data from the railroad signal system.

“I am pleased with the progress of this major investigation to date,” acting NTSB Chairman Mark V. Rosenker said in a statement. “We are continuing to pursue many avenues of inquiry to find what caused this accident and what can be done to prevent such a tragedy in the future.”

NTSB spokesman Terry Williams declined to release information about who was exchanging text messages with Sanchez.

In the days after the crash, several teenage train enthusiasts told a reporter Sanchez sent them a text message just before the collision. Federal investigators spurred by the media reports interviewed two 14-year-old boys, who they said cooperated in the investigation and provided their cell phone data.

The collision, which also injured more than 130 people, occurred on a horseshoe-shaped section of track in the community of Chatsworth. Investigators say the two trains were in sight of each other only for a few seconds before the crash. The freight engineer was able to apply brakes but brakes were never applied on the Metrolink train

Matt Damon’s Worst Nightmare

I guess that this was inevitable after word spread about Matt Damon comparing Sarah Palin’s potential Presidency to a “really bad Disney movie.” created a “trailer” based on his comments, and the results are hilarious!

Warning: Extremely funny footage!