New Cast Member for Season 4 of “Real Housewives of Orange County”

Photo by Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Photo by Dougal Waters/Getty Images

As a HUGE fan of Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” I was relieved to find out that it IS returning for a fourth season and that a new housewife is joining the cast! As reported by, newcomer Gretchen Rossi recently joined the rest of the housewives for dinner in Dallas, TX. I am speculating that Quinn Fry and Tammy Knickerbocker may not be returning to the show this season, as they were not mentioned among those who attended the dinner. Too bad! At least Tammy Barney is returning though!

Update (10/24): This has proven to be a very popular post! So glad that there is such a healthy interest in the show! The fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is going to premiere on November 25, and I have posted a picture of the thirty-year-old Rossi below. You can read more at

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Sarah Palin’s Fifth Child is Actually Her Grandson?

As the newly minted Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is currently under investigation by an ethics committee for what has been coined as “TrooperGate”, and now she may have an even bigger problem to contend with. Palin claims that her fifth child, Trig Palin, suffers from Down Syndrome. It is a sympathetic cause, indeed, but now there is speculation that Trig is not even her son! If the speculation is proven to be true, Trig is actually her grandson. Her 16-year-old daughter, Bristol, was actually carrying the baby (80% of Down Syndrome cases occur for mothers under the age of 35). The most compelling evidence so far is…

  • On March 6th, 2008, Palin announces that she is 7 months along in her fifth pregnancy, although she does not appear to be pregnant. Even her colleagues and close staff members are surprised.
  • On April 18, 2008, Palin is in Dallas, TX, for the Republican Governor’s Convention. She starts leaking amniotic fluid, but insists on delivering the keynote speech anyway. After the speech, she does not go to the nearest hospital, as would be expected. Instead, she opts to take an 8-hour flight from Texas to Alaska to deliver Trig.
  • In the meantime, Bristol Palin, her sixteen-year-old daughter, has already been out of high school for a period of 5 to 8 months. A case of mononucleosis is cited as the reason for her absence. The typical recovery period for mononucleosis is 2 weeks to 3 months…

Supposedly, The National Enquirer is already investigating the story. Only time will tell if this story has merit, a la the John Edwards affair scandal.

You can read the “evidence” for yourself and view corresponding pictures at

UPDATE #1: just reported today that Bristol Palin is “about 5 months along” with her first child. McCain’s campaign stated that she decided to keep her child and intends to marry the father.

UPDATE #2: just posted a picture of a pregnant Sarah Palin.

UPDATE #3:  Okay, I’m going to raise the white flag on this one.  It appears that Sarah Palin did actually give birth to Trig.  I don’t know why an experienced mother of 4 would choose to take an extended flight from TX to AK (with a layover in Seattle), all while leaking amniotic fluid and fully aware of her child’s Trisomy 21 condition?  I posted this originally because I thought that it was a fair question.  People can (and do) evaluate the information and come to their own conclusions.  In light of the recent John Edwards scandal, who could simply brush it off?  Also, it is biologically possible for a 16-year-old girl to have a baby, so it was not an inconceivable notion (no pun intended).

Mother Convicted of Microwaving Baby

Photo by Tetra Images/Getty Images

Photo by Tetra Images/Getty Images

A 28-year-old Dayton, OH, mother named China Arnold was found guilty of microwaving her baby on Friday.

Allegedly, Arnold microwaved her then one-month-old daughter, Paris Talley, to death after a fight with her live-in boyfriend. According to the CNN article, Arnold’s cell mate stated that she had confessed to murdering her baby out of fear that her boyfriend would leave her if he were to discover the true paternity of Talley.

For her heinous crime, Arnold faces the death penalty when sentenced.

Man Offers Undercover Prostitute 2 Pennies for Sex

Photo by Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

Photo by Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

A Florida man was recently arrested for soliciting an undercover deputy who was posing as a prostitute for sex with an offer of 2 cents.

You can read the story here.

High Concentration of Autism Among Somali Children in Minneapolis

Photo via Getty Images

Photo via Getty Images

A sharp increase of autism cases in Minneapolis among Somali children is of high concern to the Twin Cities’ medical and Somali community.

According to a recent article by Minneapolis’ “Star Tribune,” Somali children make up a very small portion of the school population (about 6 percent), but account for 17 percent of those in Autism Programs. With autism on the rise primarily among Somali children, there has been speculation that everything from vitamin deficiencies, genetics, and vaccines may be to blame.

The article also shows that more children, regardless of their race, have been diagnosed with Autism than ever before, because more people are being trained on how to diagnose it and the definition has expanded through the years.

Jenna Jameson is REALLY Pregnant This Time

Photo by Artbox Images/Getty Images

Photo by Artbox Images/Getty Images

On August 6th of this year, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported that Jenna Jameson was pregnant with her and Tito Ortiz’s first child. It turns out that the report was false up until today. Jenna Jameson personally reported to Perez that she just found out that she really is pregnant! So, now her fans can really celebrate (or not… they probably don’t want to picture her with a baby bump)!

WI Couple Wins Lottery 4 Times

Photy by John Lund/Getty Images

Photo by John Lund/Getty Images

A Madison, WI, couple have won the lottery 4 times and also claim to have a formula for lottery picks.

They each claimed a $350,000 jackpot this past Monday and claimed 2 more winning tickets that they already had in their possession.  The grand total for their winnings was a whopping $1.4 million, which is $955,000 after taxes.

The couple stated that they would not publicly comment on their winnings or their alleged formula.

I’m sure that they’re onto something, but I don’t know about a formula for a system that is so random!  Perhaps they’ve proven that it’s all rigged?