Christian H.S. Applicants Can Be Denied Religious Course Credit by UC

U.S. District Judge James Otero has ruled that the UC has the right to deny course credit to Christian High School applicants who have taken courses using textbooks that declare that the Bible is the unerring word of God and reject the theory of evolution.

Essentially, the UC is not denying credit based on a religious perspective alone; they are denying it based on the textbooks used for a particular course. In the past, the UC has approved textbooks such as “Chemistry for Christian Schools” and “Biology: God’s Living Creation.” Currently, the UC rejects textbooks that do not include scientific theories and explanations.

The ruling was a response to a suit filed in 2005, and an appeal is already under way from an association that represents over 700 religious schools in California. This case is expected to be in the system for years to come.

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  1. Yeah, just think of all of the brainwashing they missed from public education. It would be a shame for them to introduce new ideas into the UC system, wouldn’t it? Perish the thought that someone tell students that life has complex design. We need people who can overlook the evidence and hold onto the precepts of Darwinism, don’t we? We can’t have a university that promotes tolerance and open-mindedness if it means being open-minded toward Christianity. The schools are there to indoctrinate students into Atheism. Thank you for clarifying this.

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