Iceman’s Occupation and Cause of Death Revealed

Photo via stock.xchng

Photo via stock.xchng

The Iceman (a.k.a. Otzi, Frozen Fritz, et cetera) died roughly 5,000 years ago and was discovered in 1991, but the latest round of examinations have yielded new evidence about his occupation and true cause of death.
The hairs on his clothing were subjected to testing and proven to belong to sheep and cattle, which supports evidence that the Iceman herded them, and possibly goats.
Up until just 2 months ago, it was believed that the Iceman died solely from an arrow, but now experts contend that the arrow only caused him to lose consciousness.  They state that the actual cause of death was blunt trauma to the head, which was the result of a fall or at the hands of his attacker.

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