WI Woman Arrested for Overdue Library Books

Photo via stock.xchng

Photo via stock.xchng

A 20-year-old Wisconsin woman named Heidi Dalibor was arrested on August 6 for failing to return 2 highly overdue library books.  She had “White Oleander” by  Janet Fitch and “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown in her possession for over several months.  The Grafton Library had issued phone calls, letters and citations in order to claim the books, but Heidi never responded to any of their requests.  When all was said and done, Heidi (and her mother) had to pay a total of $202 for the overdue books and the cost of freeing her from jail.  Just goes to show you that you should return your library books in a timely manner!  Libraries really do treasure those books!

One Response

  1. Heidi can’t drive a car without speeding either!! She thinks she is above the law!

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