Dying Wife’s Screams May Have Been a “Paranormal” Manifestation

Photo by Andy Sotiriou/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Sotiriou/Getty Images

A Denver man named Dan Mason has claimed that his recently deceased wife, Nancy, screamed twice after she fell off a 10 foot cliff during a fishing trip. The problem with his explanation is that the autopsy revealed that his wife’s neck was broken and that she could not have screamed. Oops! In a phone interview with The Denver Post, Mason reasoned that the screams may have originated from a “paranormal” manifestation and has informed investigators about it. Mason’s claims of divine intervention have not deterred authorities from investigating his wife’s death as a homicide and they call the death “suspicious.” Weeks before her death, the wills for the couple were changed. Nancy’s will is highly suspect because her son’s name is misspelled.

According to Mason, his wife fell off the cliff and into a stream. He claims that he jumped into the water to save her, but an “angel” lifted him up and his friend, Efren Gallegos, was then able to lift both Mason and his wife out of the water. The local authorities have re-enacted Gallegos’ claims with dummies, and concluded that it was a “highly improbable physical feat.”

I don’t buy the angel explanation, and if you read the story in full via the link above, the relationship between Mason and Gallegos seems more than “friendly.”


3 Responses

  1. I read this story with interest as an authority on the paranormal I checked and found there was no paranormal manifestations.

    There were no Spiritual Beings or Angels involved or around at this time.

    With Love
    Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Metaphysical Institute
    Metaphysical Institute Blog

  2. Thank you, Ian. Your input is appreciated πŸ™‚

  3. Look—after almost 5 yrs. if Chaffee County had any REAL evidence, Dan Mason and Efren Gallegos would be in jail or on trial. They have nothing but Nancy Gaede’s poor family pushing and pushing, wanting to blame someone for this pathetic overweight woman hiking up a hill and it crumbling underneath her. You know if I were to feel the ground give way underneath me, I believe there would be an immediate scream. THEN the neck would break on the tumble down. As for the theory that Mason and Gallegos are lovers?? I am a woman who was with Mason for a year and so with both of them constantly. I PROMISE YOU THEY ARE NOT LOVERS! If you knew them and how much they love women, you would never believe the homosexual theory. Ridiculous. I really resent people who know nothing about these two men, saying that they must be lovers. Get the facts and then voice your opinion. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s office only has PART of the story printed of course—-the part that makes this look like murder. These very very small town policemen are so hot to have a murder under their belts, they have become obscessed. I have talked to them, and they come right out and tell me to beware of Dan Mason—that if I am ever alone with him he will murder ME! What a bunch of crap. I was constantly alone with him for a year. I never saw violent tendencies, nor did I see a temper. I have money, and he was just never interested in that. He paid for EVERYTHING. Then he left me for a dirt poor woman and her son. NO!! He is not just interested in finding poor pathetic single women with money. I just do not understand why people can NOT believe a woman can have an ACCIDENT—that she could just FALL. Also, I definitely would take anything his EX wife says with a grain of salt. She is a bitter EX after all. Anyway, if this load of bull goes to trial, it will make me very upset that something like this can happen in our country. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s office go around telling everyone they interview outright that Mason is a murderer—even employers and neighbors. He and Gallegos have been constantly hounded for almost 5 years over this. What about civil rights???? I really do not understand how they get away with what they are doing.

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