Dog Retrieves Severed Child’s Foot

Photo via stock.xchng

Photo via stock.xchng

A family dog from Russellville, Alabama, recently retrieved more than its owners ever bargained for. It brought home a severed child’s foot, and a desperate search for the child that it once belonged to is under way. Searchers have been unable to locate any other remains of the child and police maintain that there have been no reports of killed, maimed or missing children in the rural Alabama town.

According to the CNN article, investigators do not have any indication that the child is alive. Searchers will be returning to the same woods in hopes that a decomposing scent will be strong enough for cadaver-sniffing dogs to pick up on. In the meantime, the foot will be subjected to forensic testing to determine the race and gender of the victim.


2 Responses

  1. I read this on the news yesterday and I’m still waiting for an update. I can’t believe there haven’t been more reports about it. Can you imagine seeing something like that?!

  2. I would be horrified! That is the stuff of nightmares. I feel so terrible for the fate of the child and the child’s family.

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