33-Year-Old Woman Poses as H.S. Cheerleader

Photo by Digital Vision/Getty Images

Photo by Digital Vision/Getty Images

A 33-year-old Wisconsin woman (they sure seem to be popping up in the news lately!) has been accused of stealing her 15-year-old daughter’s identity so that she could join the cheer leading squad for a local high school.

Wendy Brown, who has a history of identity theft, told the county’s circuit court on Friday that she did it to obtain her high school diploma and live out a missing part of her childhood.

Before her true identity had been discovered, Brown was able to partake in cheer leading practices and a party at the coach’s house.


WI Couple Wins Lottery 4 Times

Photy by John Lund/Getty Images

Photo by John Lund/Getty Images

A Madison, WI, couple have won the lottery 4 times and also claim to have a formula for lottery picks.

They each claimed a $350,000 jackpot this past Monday and claimed 2 more winning tickets that they already had in their possession.  The grand total for their winnings was a whopping $1.4 million, which is $955,000 after taxes.

The couple stated that they would not publicly comment on their winnings or their alleged formula.

I’m sure that they’re onto something, but I don’t know about a formula for a system that is so random!  Perhaps they’ve proven that it’s all rigged?

My Divine Encounter with an iPOD

The iPOD makes itself known to me...

The iPOD makes itself known to me... 8/22/08

You know how some people snap pictures of an image of the Virgin Mary on a tree trunk or in some peanut butter? Well, I had a “divine” encounter with a being of a somewhat lower stature… an iPOD! I was leaving my apartment to run errands yesterday, and I spotted the “iPOD” on the sidewalk. It looks like chalk in the photo on the left, but it was actually light hitting the pavement in such a way that it looks like a white iPOD.

WI Woman Arrested for Overdue Library Books

Photo via stock.xchng

Photo via stock.xchng

A 20-year-old Wisconsin woman named Heidi Dalibor was arrested on August 6 for failing to return 2 highly overdue library books.  She had “White Oleander” by  Janet Fitch and “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown in her possession for over several months.  The Grafton Library had issued phone calls, letters and citations in order to claim the books, but Heidi never responded to any of their requests.  When all was said and done, Heidi (and her mother) had to pay a total of $202 for the overdue books and the cost of freeing her from jail.  Just goes to show you that you should return your library books in a timely manner!  Libraries really do treasure those books!